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3 Things Successful Savers Do Before Retirement

Updated: Apr 23

So why is it that smart people make dumb money mistakes?

Hi I'm Bradford Ferguson with Halter Ferguson Financial and what I do is I help my clients who are smart, successful savers, I help them retire with more than they thought was possible.

What the truth is is that schools don't teach personal finance and though you're smart and successful you may not understand personal finance. And truth be told to be a CFP it takes at least 600 hours of study and then years of experience to know how to apply that. You can forgive yourself for not knowing everything and if you've made some money mistakes in the past.

Let's talk about the three that things you can do. You wanna save and spend smart. So you wanna save the right amount in the right accounts and you wanna spend wisely. Spending wisely is a little counter intuitive in that savers often save first and then spend what's left. And sometimes you wanna spend money to save money.

The second thing is is that you wanna not make decisions your financial decisions on an emotional level. Which can be really hard to do because let's face it, all of our decisions are done on an emotional level. So taking the emotions out of financial decisions and you do this by laying everything out on the table looking at everything and then kinda grappling with it. That's how you take it out. But it's easier said than done. It's very hard to look at everything together. Most people take a piecemeal approach.

And the third thing you wanna do is you wanna hire a financial advisor. None of us grew up wanting to not only work a full-time job and amass savings and have families and have a life but also spend all of our time managing our money. None of us wanna do that. But also neglect is not a good answer for your personal finances.

If this has intrigued you, join our free Facebook group The Wealth Multiplier. But also I'd like to get this message out about flipping the spending and saving and how this isn't taught in schools. So if you could tag someone who's grappling with saving and trying to get a foothold with their finances, tag them in this video or share this on your social media so we can get the word out to more people. Anyhow I'm Bradford Ferguson. It's been good talking with you.

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