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Belief #3 – You Can Stop Worrying About Money

Updated: Apr 23

Welcome back to our continuing series, The 10 Beliefs. We’ve outlined the seven most common mistakes we see people make in planning and saving for retirement. In our last post, our second belief, we told you not to follow generic advice. Now we’re going to walk you through the third belief, it is possible to stop worrying about money.

If you missed a post, or would like to start at the beginning, scroll to the bottom of this post for a complete listing.

Belief #3 - You Can Stop Worrying About Money

We believe that a strong financial future is built with three foundations. These foundations give our clients true confidence in their finances.

Most people believe that they have to worry about money. They don’t believe that true confidence in their finances is possible. As a result, they spend too much time trapped in anxiety and feeling overwhelmed.

But they aren’t alone. Not worrying about money is such a foreign concept that most never even stop to consider if it’s possible.

Our clients have three foundations that help them achieve true confidence in their finances, allowing them to feel absolute clarity. Want to know what those three foundations are that give our clients that kind of confidence?

1. They have a PLAN.

2. They are SECURE.

3. And they INVEST.

Put simply, they know where they’re going and how to get there from the Plan. They’re free from the stress of money because they have that clarity and they’ve gotten control of their money with Secure. And they’re getting enough growth in their assets to support their lifestyle in Invest.

It’s that simple… And that difficult.

Yes, you can stop worrying about money, as soon as these three foundations are in place. Each of these three foundations have three supports that build that confidence and clarity, so you can finally stop worrying about money.

Have you settled for less than you deserve? Are you following advice that is specific to you and your situation? Are you free from the nagging worries about your finances. We believe that all are possible with Plan, Secure, and Invest. To get those we believe that you need help. That's actually Belief #4. You can read that here.

You can also grab all of the mistakes and beliefs in a free download. Grab it here.

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