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Beyond the Retirement Cliff

Updated: Apr 23

Are you thinking about retirement and feeling overwhelmed? You might be reaching the end of your working life, and now you are approaching the retirement cliff. Sometimes it can feel like you're standing on the edge of that retirement cliff. On the opposite side is your "retirement". Between lies a giant chasm.

In the past, it has seemed so formidable that you never allowed yourself to spend any time thinking about it. It seemed so overwhelming. So many unknowns. And you're not 100 percent sure what you'd actually do if you did retire.

I'll Worry About Retirement Later

Over the years you've actually thought about retirement a lot. Retirement was like a movie in Never, Never Land. Except, now retirement is looming.

You feel the tug on the heart strings. You deserve to live the good life. You begin to wonder what your American Dream will look like in retirement.

After a lifetime of hard work and dedication, now what?

You've focused on family and saving money your entire life. Now you find yourself facing a moment of truth. You're not getting younger and the golden years have arrived. You are at the retirement cliff.

You look at the gap between where you are and what you would like to do in retirement. Except, the gap between you and your retirement dream looks like the Grand Canyon.

So many concerns: Will my health hold out? How do I replace my income? How much will I need if I get sick? What about health insurance? What can I afford? How do I leave a legacy for my kids and grand children? Can I afford to travel? So many questions, where are my answers?

Making the decision to retire does not have to be mission impossible. It is a matter of learning to look at life through a different lens.

Retirement is a New Way of Looking at Life

The first shift might be to move from constraint thinking to possibility thinking. It is about giving yourself permission to finally begin using the savings you've put away for a rainy day. Retirement could be a very good use of your rainy day fund.

After a lifetime of hard work, learning and serving others, it might be time to begin to serve yourself. To think about the things you want to stop doing and the things you want to begin.

What do you want to experience more of? What do you want to experience less of?

You can create anything you want if you plan for it. To plan for it you might need to think different. Be prepared to look ahead and "Dream It Forward".

To step up to the edge of your retirement cliff and look into the gap. Ask yourself a series of questions: What's preventing me from giving myself permission to retire? What am I clinging onto? What do I need to release? What do I need to embrace? What needs to change?

Begin with the End in Mind

Before you can create a retirement plan you have to decide to stand at the edge of your retirement cliff. Decide what you will do to fill the gap. Between stopping working and your retirement lifestyle, what will you do?

To peer beyond the veil of the bucket list. To release routines and imagine a new life. A grand adventure, the next phase of life. A period of life unlike any other. A period where you plan ahead. Embrace choices, research opportunities and explore your desires. Where you have the time to relax, ponder and contemplate what's next.

Halter Ferguson Financial might possibly help you build a bridge that connects you with the pathway of the next phase of your life. Our team can help support, guide and walk with you throughout your retirement. Teamwork is the foundation upon which we are building your retirement plan.

You provide the dreams, we provide the process. Together we might assemble the building blocks and structure based upon your vision. We call it a retirement plan; you will call it your life.

Practice and Master the Fundamentals

Your retirement plan is the foundation upon which you build the rest of your life. Our goal is to create a sense of confidence in your retirement plan.

Even when the storms of life shake things up. Our hope is that you will remember that you have a plan. A strong foundation that is based on your goals, desires and solid financial planning principles. Regular reviews, consistent investment management and ongoing communications can help create a confident retirement.

Crossing the Retirement Cliff

Is it time to face the fear gap and build a bridge of understanding? You will need to step up to the edge of the cliff and take a good long look. We might help you figure out how you will replace your paycheck.

Together, we will step up to the edge of the retirement cliff. It can seem scary and insurmountable. Like you're falling into the great retirement abyss. You do not have to face these fears alone. Partnering together, our clients often find their worries and anxieties subside.

If you have questions or comments about this article, please call us at 1-317-875-0202 or message us with our contact us form.

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