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Blueprinting Your Financial Future

Updated: Apr 23

Welcome back to our special series – Your 4 Futures retirement series. In our last post, we talked about the real goal in the financial space. Though many confuse investment management and financial planning as the goal, they are just the tiniest part of the value iceburg. They sit at the top, above the surface of the water. Underneath is where real value lies.

The first thing we find as we dive under the water are three key outcomes: confidence about where you're going, knowing you'll have wealth in retirement, and freedom from stress. But as important as these things are, it isn’t about just those.

The deepest level is the belief that people like you, who have worked hard their entire life, deserve to live their retired years with real dignity and grace. What does dignity and grace mean? Catch up here: What a Happy Retirement Looks Like - and How to Achieve It

And if you missed the rest of the series, you can find the previous posts here:

The Blueprinting Your Financial Future Model

So below we have our Blueprinting Your Financial Future model.

To really have confidence that you are on a pathway that will get you there, and be free of stress along the way, what we must have is a plan. This is about moving from confusion to clarity.

This is a space that a lot of people are not that skilled in or familiar with in terms of how to get to the end point. That lack of skill and understanding causes a lot of confusion, and a plan is about having clarity.

When we're clear, we can have confidence. And of course, we can be free of stress if we're clear about what we're doing. To have confidence and to really build wealth, you need to be secure.

The Blueprinting Your Financial Future Model

Second, we need to move from teetering to you being tied on. This is about climbing that mountain to a wealthier position in the latter years of life. At any point in your journey, you're on a ledge and looking back to where you've come from you might think, "I hope I don't fall backwards." That’s teetering. That shaky feeling.

Instead, we want you to be tied on, and that somebody is helping you stay secure. When you're not teetering on the edge, you can have the confidence to move forward and execute against the plan. Then, you can make the decisions and choices needed to create wealth - wealth is a function of accurate thinking and decision making.

And then, wealth and freedom come from investing. We grow wealth and we become free of the worry of money when we can move from disappointment to design. What do we mean by this? When you open your asset or investment statements, rather than being disappointed by what you see, you look at them and realize they've done exactly what they were designed to do.

Plan, secure, and invest are the foundations to get you to a happy future retirement position. They are the three foundations we need to focus on to get more confidence, wealth, and freedom.

Does that make sense?

See the thing is, most people don’t treat retirement planning in a way that gives them confidence, wealth, and freedom—at least not at the level they want.

Most people don’t have a date-specific, dollar-specific plan, and they end up with no direction.

Most people don’t feel secure with their finances, so they end up with no stability.

And thirdly, when we look at investing, most people don’t get the growth they need… so they end up running out of money even if they were good savers. If you think about those three right now, Plan, Secure, and Invest, which one is costing you the most? Which one is the piece that needs to change?

But it’s not your fault. It’s the way we’re taught, or rather not taught, about our finances. What we learn in school is rudimentary at best. If they teach us about planning, it’s incomplete and doesn’t look at the whole picture. We know so very little about secure, almost nothing beyond insurance. And investing… well what do you believe, because the media would have you swinging from high to low on a daily basis.

So to do this, there’s nine supports, and this is called Blueprinting Your Financial Future because it’s the map our best clients follow. We’ll dive into those supports in our next post.

Book Your Free Call

If you’d like to see what might be possible for you, then we should get on the phone and talk. Don’t worry, the first call is less than 15 minutes and there’s no charge.

In that time we’ll…

  • Look at your savings, your goals, and when you want to achieve them by.

  • See what’s possible for you in terms of your plan, security, and growth.

  • Look at your current situation, how much you’re saving, where you’re saving it, and how much you want to spend.

  • Find out what’s working and what’s not, and what you’ve tried so far.

We’ll also identify the number one thing that’s holding you back from confidence, freedom, and wealth. Then, you’ll get a three-step action plan to get you even more growth, clarity, and security faster than you ever dreamed was possible.

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