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Don’t Carry the Weight of the Future Alone (Work with a Financial Advisor)

Updated: Apr 23

We come into this world weightless. For most of us, childhood is carefree and light. We don’t yet feel the weight of the future on our shoulders.

Without knowing what we are getting ourselves into, we rush to adulthood. Running full tilt towards the horizon called “growing up.” Eager to bear the weight of the future on our shoulders, we make our way into the world with wide-eyed wonder.

As we age, and our responsibilities grow, that weight gets heavier. The wonder might fade as we face challenges. Challenges like finding a good job, paying bills, getting married, having children, etc.

With each new adventure and decision, another stone is stacked on our shoulders. The load increases, the burden growing. The pile grows taller and more precarious. A Jenga puzzle comprised of our hopes, dreams, and ambitions. Until it might feel like you are crushed under the weight of the future and your past choices. Each step you take is a balancing act between the gravity of your responsibilities and hope for your future. You can’t help but worry that one wrong move might send it all tumbling down.

Then there’s the outside world. When the news reports scream that the sky is falling, you can’t help but feel like the once solid ground underfoot turns to quicksand. Now you’re trying to keep walking your path, bearing your weight of the future, all while trying to keep from sinking.

Perhaps you need someone to take some of the weight, to share the burden. Maybe you need someone to throw you a rope or guide you around the quicksand.

The Burden to Do it Right (All by Yourself)

The desire to do something on your own seems to be etched into our makeup. Starting at a young age, we try to walk on our own. There is a sense of satisfaction in doing something by yourself.

Even when you are married couples often divide responsibilities. Things like, “You cook, and I’ll clean.” Often in marriage or partnership, one partner takes on the responsibility of the finances. And let’s face it, money one of the biggest reasons for divorce (Source: Huffington Post.) Many couples don’t ever discuss money. It’s a taboo topic.

However, being able to provide for your family – being the breadwinner, the one in charge of the checkbook – can be a source of pride for many people. But the weight of the future is also a burden.

If you gamble away your “mad money” at Indiana Grand Racing Casino, you might not be able to get that new iPhone. If you make a bad choice in investing your family’s nest egg, you might not be able to afford to retire with your spouse. You might not be able to help your children and grandchildren achieve their dreams by helping pay for things like college, weddings, etc.

We are trained from an early age, by example and biology, to carry the weight of the future alone. When you have a family depending on you, you are carrying not only your own weight but theirs as well. Suddenly you’re like Atlas, holding up the weight of the entire world. All the hopes and dreams of your loved ones rest on your choices.

It’s Not Weak to Share the Weight of the Future

You might ask yourself, “Do I need a financial advisor?” It’s understandable to feel like you need to do it alone because asking for help is often seen as a sign of weakness.

It isn’t weak to have a lawyer defend in you court, a realtor help you buy a house, or doctor perform your surgery. We accept that we can’t do those things alone and that we need the help of an expert—someone with the knowledge and training to do these specialized tasks. Why not have an expert help you with your financial future and retirement planning?

A financial advisor can share that burden.

Instead of stressing about each choice, second-guessing yourself, or avoiding making decisions altogether, let Halter Ferguson Financial help you. Let our team take some of the weight off your shoulders by caring for your retirement savings and helping you create a retirement plan. It could very well help ease your burden. We can care for your money, like a doctor cares for your health.

Imagine how light you could feel, knowing that an experienced team is looking after your future. Imagine what that would be like, to know that expert is caring for your nest egg. That an expert helped you craft a plan that may help guide you in future choices. Isn’t that a little bit of peace of mind?

The next time the media starts screaming that the sky is falling (Trump is doing this, China is doing that) you have someone you can call to discuss those fears. Someone who can remind you of what’s at stake and what your goals are. You can have a partner who will act in your best interest, even in the face of your fears, guided by what’s most important to you.

When the inevitable questions arise, like how to maintain cashflow after retirement or when to retire, you have someone who won’t just answer them, but will show you how. An entire team trying to ensure your peace of mind isn’t disturbed by the weight of the future.

Confidence in Your Future

Money can be a contradiction. You may not count it as one of your priorities. It may not be “important” in the same way things like family, faith, and travel might be, but it is a vital necessity. Money is a key that opens doors to rooms that hold your priorities. College for your kids and grandkids, donations to your church, or the trip you take your family on for spring break, none may be possible without money. Retirement may not be possible without it.

We hope to instill in you confidence in your future. That confidence will stem from knowing that we will face the obstacles that come together. We hope that you will feel like you and your retirement savings are being cared for. Reassured knowing that we will do all we can to help you weather whatever may come.

Bad things happen. You don’t have to face them alone. Let us help you manage the weight of the future, and ease your burden. So that one day, when you leave this world, you might do so as you entered it—weightless.

If you have questions or comments about this article, please call us at 1-317-875-0202 or message us with our contact us form.

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