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Funding Retirement Is Not so Easy Anymore…

Updated: Apr 23

So you have your 401K and had the discipline to add to it every year. Now what?

There are many investment and lifestyle decisions to make. Cash flow from investments needs to replace your pay check. You had the discipline to save. Yet you now find yourself looking at a looming retirement and facing a big gap. You realize you do not have the expertise, experience, nor interest in managing it. No one told us after being a dedicated saver we would have to become experts. A multifaceted expert with leading edge expertise.

Thinking about how much there is to learn can feel stressful. Never mind how much time, effort and energy it will take to feel confident. To feel secure that you could manage your investments and cash flow. Plus, you still want to have the time and energy to live your retirement lifestyle.

Not Your Parents Retirement

This isn’t your parent's retirement; it is not so easy anymore. Yet, the media and advertising say you can do-it-yourself. There are all kinds of sophisticated financial tracking software. More advice online than you could use. Their advertising purports to put you “in control.”

In control of what?

Managing your retirement nest egg is so much more than managing your money. No software can help you feel confident. No software can help you sort through your dreams, expectations and desires. No software can help you define what a comfortable retirement lifestyle actually is. That requires having a heartfelt conversation with a trusted advisor.

Software Is Limited

No software can collaborate with you to define what’s important to you. How you want to live your life in retirement.

A relationship with a trusted advisor is one of the keys that opens the lock to your future.

A relationship that becomes the catalyst for exploring what you want. Which becomes the standard by which to measure your progress. It defines the boundaries of what a successful retirement looks like for you.

The Biggest Decision Before Retirement…

Who you work with is the most important decision you will make before retirement. Your relationship with an investment advisor will span decades. It is the back stop to making quality decisions. Decisions balanced against facts and your dreams. Understanding you, your wishes and desires. It is a relationship that honors your priorities. Exploring it in the company trusted advisors.

It's a good idea to explore and discuss your retirement plans with family. Everyone needs an advisor in their corner. Someone to guide them on the road ahead, navigating stormy weather and avoiding accidents.

Friends and family are great, but their first priority is to maintain their relationship with you. Not give you the best advice for your situation. Whereas, a professional advisor's first priority is their fiduciary duty. To do the right thing for you and your situation.

Friend & Family Advice is Limited

It's not that our friends and family don't have our best interests at heart. They lack the experience or the perspective to put your needs first. They care so much, it is hard to separate their feelings and beliefs from your needs, wants and priorities. Family and friends will always work to protect their relationship with you. They don’t want you to make the same mistakes they might have experienced. Or they don't understand your needs. If so, they will err on the side of caution which could be the exact opposite thing you need to hear.

The best financial advisors have no compunction speaking the truth. They have the experience and the skill to bring perspective to your situation. They are able to help you gain a higher point of view. Help you see the bigger picture of your particular situation. And put together a plan looking toward a long term horizon. Which will aid you in making more effective, congruent and confident decisions.

At the end of the day, you don’t want to have to deal with the day to day focus of managing your cash flow. You want to enjoy your retirement without excessive worry. You want someone else to look after your nest egg, help you plan ahead and guide you as life evolves and changes.

It Is Time to Enjoy Life

At this stage of your life, your priority is to enjoy the good life. Keep things simple. Focus on ensuring you have the resources, time and financial peace of mind. Then you will be able to enjoy everything life has to offer.

That's the role of an independent advisor. If you're ready to explore how a professional might assist you, book a complimentary financial peace of mind breakthrough session. It's time to take a deep breath and relax. Because we will work hard to earn your trust and the right to do business with you.

If you have questions or comments about this article, please call us at 1-317-875-0202 or message us with our contact us form.

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