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Investing is scary, stressful (Hire an asset manager)

Updated: Apr 23

When you retire, you’ll have as much as 10-20 times the money you’ve made working any single year. Think about that; that is a lot of money. Imagine a nest egg that is 10-20 times bigger than your annual earnings! It is something to be proud of. It is also something to respect.

Your nest egg represents financial energy captured through diligent saving behavior. It represents all the years you spent working, saving and doing without. You made a conscious decision to set aside money for your future. To ensure you would have the assets needed to support your lifestyle when you stop working. It is this consistent, long-term savings habit that creates your retirement nest egg.

Just when you begin thinking about putting your nest egg to work, it dawns on you. You are now responsible for managing that big bucket of cash assets. This represents a tremendous opportunity to secure your financial future. Or a significant risk should you make the wrong move.

Have you ever looked at your account statement and thought, “That is a lot of zeros. Holy moly I better get this right.” Perhaps you have begun thinking about what you could do with that money. Or are concerned. “Do I have enough assets to retire? Is there enough for me to live on and still leave something for my kids and grandchildren?” These are important considerations. Yet, the closer you get to retirement, the more you need to shift your thinking. Shift from saving to asset management. In fact, we believe the most important “investment decision” you will make has nothing to do with money.

The Most Important Investment Decision You Will Ever Make

Deciding who you are going to choose to manage your assets is your single biggest decision. The way we see it, there are only two options.

  1. You manage it yourself, or

  2. You get someone else to manage it for you.

If you decide to manage it yourself, you need to be prepared. Get ready to work hard. Get ready to set aside time, energy and dedicated focus on managing it. Consider:

  1. Can you deal with the stress that comes with the responsibility?

  2. Are you certain you will be able to make the most of your assets?

  3. Are you prepared to constantly track trends, keep up with the latest developments?

  4. What if you make a costly mistake managing and investing? How would that feel?

  5. Do you have enough time to recover from the mistake?

If you want to enjoy your money without the daily stress and hassle of managing it, the only real option is to outsource the management of your assets.

We Would Like To Be Your Asset Manager

Since 1986, we've been working hundreds of financially successful clients as their asset manager. We've identified the traits, characteristics, and behaviors that have made them successful. And we've also identified the behaviors that produce the exact opposite result. So I looked at the landscape out there and saw that a vast majority of Americans are dead broke... In fact, 69% of Americans have no emergency savings and half of Americans approaching age 65 do not even have a retirement account... And the ones that are lucky enough to have money saved when they retire, they're still running out of money during their retirement.

You may think you're doing yourself a favor managing your assets yourself. But you know what? It's not true, because here's what we've found... People who either manage their assets themselves, or hire a sales person to do it, they end up sacrificing their financial goals by making common, avoidable mistakes. But you have a third option. If you want to be like the 1 percent, who don't seem to worry about money and always seem to have enough, register for and watch our masterclass titled Retirement Made Easy-4 Steps to Create Financial Peace of Mind.

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