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“Just As Well” Isn’t Good Enough

Updated: Apr 23

You Shouldn't DIY Your Finances

The biggest mistake most people make is thinking that they can do their own financial planning and investments themselves “just as well” as a professional.

And I get it. You live in a DIY society. You’re smart. You went to school, maybe even have one or more advanced degrees. And you may feel that anything you don’t know you can certainly learn, right?

But let me ask you, is everyone that does it themselves successful at growing and keeping their money? Do none of them run out of money? Is every-single-last-one of them living their dream retirement?

No. Of course not. Even if you can’t see it from the outside, the vast majority of people run out of money during retirement and end up with little to no savings.

If you keep believing that you can do it “just as well” you’re likely to miss something important and run out of money. You risk becoming a burden. Not to mention, you’re settling for living with doubt and uncertainty. You risk being unprepared for the curve ball life tends to throw when we least expect them.

So, the thing is, you can have peace of mind. You can have the confidence that nothing was missed. How? By hiring an experienced professional.

You want someone who will look at your whole situation, your goals and your priorities. Who will build a financial plan and investment strategy around YOU.

A professional will not give in to the inevitable fear that comes with a market correction and sell at exactly the wrong time. They won’t jump on the latest passing fad. A professional will invest for your goals and guide you through the emotions of money and the market so that you can be confident. So that you don’t make a mistake you cannot take back.

So, is “just as well” good enough? Or do you want confidence and peace of mind? Watch our free presentation to learn more about why we don’t DIY.

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