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Live Your American Dream

Updated: Apr 23

The American Dream is dying. Slowly. So very slowly. Too many of us are giving up on our dreams. We’re settling.

Recently, I was on the phone with a couple -- let’s call them Jane and John. John is 64. He’s looking forward to retiring soon. His wife Jane is 58. She works as an administrative assistant to supplement their income. She would love to retire too, but as the person that handles the money, she feels insecure financially. Without gaining certainty, Jane plans to work until she’s 65. That’s 7 years more than she wants. And if she doesn’t feel financial security by that time, how much longer will she work?

No one grows up dreaming about working forever. But many Americans worry that it’s what they will have to do. To make sure you don’t become a burden to their kids. To their families. Working yourself to death, worrying about money, and burdening our loved ones is NOT the American Dream. But what we do is we settle. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s Un-American to give up on your dreams.

And I’d bet that your dream did not include working forever. Putting off retirement just to search out that illusive security and continuing to live in survival mode.

Maybe your dream is the beaches of Florida. An RV and touring from shore to shore. Visiting the nation’s top golf courses… Whatever your American dream was, retirement was surely a part of it.

You deserve to retire.

You deserves to live with dignity in retirement.

You deserve to feel comfortable. Financially secure and free.

You deserve to make the most of your hard earned money from this moment forward.

Don’t you settle. Don’t give up on your American Dream.

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