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re(FUND) for the Future

Updated: Apr 23

It’s that time of year again, tax time! And aside from the stress of actually doing your taxes, there’s one great part about this time of the year--your refund!

Most people think that when they receive a large chunk of money, it’s time to SPEND IT and that might be the biggest mistake you could make.

Hi, I’m Bradford Ferguson of Halter Ferguson Financial, and I get it. There’s this tremendous social pressure to spend money. Everywhere you look there’s bigger, better, and more expensive things--from the newest iPhone to that vacation to Hawaii. You know you deserve to treat yourself, so it's easy to make that mistake.

But let me ask you, do you have an emergency cash fund to cover situations--like a health event, home damage, a car accident, etc--where you need money fast? Are all of your credit cards paid off? Do you have all the money you need to retire?

Odds are good that the answer to one of those questions NO. And if it is, you should SAVE THAT MONEY!

Go ahead and reward yourself with something small. But for the rest of your money--which should be more than half--put it in the bank in case of emergencies, pay off those credit cards, or invest it.

Don’t be short-sighted with your chunk of cash. Make the most of it!

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