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What Retirement Contentment Looks Like – and Why It’s So Dangerous

Updated: Apr 23

In our last post, we talked about what retirement overwhelm and apprehension look like. If you missed it, or any of our previous posts in this series, you can catch up.

Learn about the four situations people find themselves in retirement in the first post of this series: Your 4 Financial Futures.

Then, dive deeper into how you can jump retirement lines to get to a happy future in the second post: When Is Now Going To Be The Right Time To Jump Retirement Lines?

Get fully up to speed with last week’s post: Symptoms and Signs of Retirement Overwhelm and Apprehension.

What's Wrong With Being Content

No one wants to be overwhelmed by their finances. But, sadly, too many people are trapped below the fear and ignorance line. They feel trapped in a fog, with no sense of direction. Once they realize they don’t have to worry about money all the time and start to take action, they can jump that line and move into the apprehensive space.

This is where a very large portion of the population live, where they don’t know quite yet if this will work out. They probably have an idea or some goals, but no real plan. They key to moving beyond this space is a crystal-clear plan. Using this plan can move them into a place of contentment.

Content sounds good, right?

Your 4 Futures

After all, they’re contented with what’s happening. They can their results have an appropriate level of incline on the curve. They’re probably doing better than most. They’re certainly doing better than the larger portion of people in the apprehensive space. But they may be a bit complacent.

They are executing against their plan, and the problem we see here is that people hit what we call the good enough line.

The Good Enough Line

They reach this point where they say, “Well, good enough is okay. We’re doing well.” And the problem is that being completely happy is possible.

Is good enough really okay when completely happy is possible?

Think about it. What if Steve Jobs had created the iPod and then stopped and said, “Well, that was good enough!” We wouldn’t have had the iPhone or iPad.

So, it is possible to be completely happy and at this level. We see a more exponential increase in wealth, and this really comes from investment and tapping into a real insight into an investment strategy.

So, as you look at the four levels of the pyramid where would you say you sit right now?

And what would it feel like if you could get right to the top, to happy? This is the goal. The place where too few of the population live, but where so many could exist if they had the support to get there.

Nothing makes us happier than helping others move from overwhelmed to happy with their financial future. We’d love to talk with you too. If that’s something you’d like you can book a call with here.

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