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Your Retirement Deserves a Plan

Updated: Apr 23

Copying someone else’s financial strategy could cost you your dream retirement

Most people think that what works for one person, will work just as well for them. This might be true with some things, but when it comes to finances, copying someone else’s strategy might hurt you.

It’s easy to believe that the method so-and-so used to plan for and fund their retirement must work because... Well. Look at them.

But YOU are not THEM.

Do you work the same job? Do you have the same hobbies? Do you have the same goals and priorities? Do you do everything that so-and-so does?

Of course not! You are not a carbon copy. You’re unique and so need a different strategy.

If you keep thinking you can copy someone else’s strategy, you will no’t end up with YOUR retirement. The one YOU want. And your goal and priorities are too important for that!

So how do you make sure you get an investment strategy tailored to you, and what you want?

You start with a financial plan.A financial plan will look at all of the moving pieces of your finances. What your priorities are. Your goals. And help you picture what life will be like in ten years and beyond. It will take into account life’s unexpected moments, and help you be prepared for whatever comes.

You also need an investment manager. An investment manager will invest and grow your nest egg to support and support und your dreams and goals. And when emotions run high… When fear hits you and you’re afraid you’re going to lose it all… and investment manager will hold your hand and help you see the sun through the clouds.

So let me ask you, do you really want to keep copying someone else, and end up with a retirement not designed for you? Or do you want to live your own dreams?

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