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July 7, 2017
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July 19, 2017

Retirement Made Easy

Worry Free Money? Is it possible?

You spent a lifetime saving for retirement. You saved money so that when you retire, you will be able to support your lifestyle. For your entire life, you have saved and squirreled money away. You put it in the bank or a retirement account and forgot about it.

Now you find yourself getting closer to retirement. The realization hits you that it’s time. Time to figure out how to manage and spend your money to support your lifestyle. You might feel tense and anxious because you have no idea where to begin. Now that retirement is around the corner, you face a lot of unanswered questions.

Plus, you feel a tinge of guilt because you don’t want the responsibility of managing your money. You just want to use and enjoy the money. You wish someone else could look after it.

You Feel Stuck

Does it feel like the more research you do, the more confusing it gets? The more questions you have, the more information you feel like you need. So you do more research, and more questions arise. It seems like you‘re caught in an endless loop of questions and answers.

Perhaps it is time to consider outsourcing your financial worry, stress and anxiety. Press the “Retirement Made Easy” button.

Retirement Made Easy is a complete done for you service. It begins with a through exploration of your current situation. We address your greatest fears, anxieties and worries. We get to know what is important to you, your money and lifestyle.

We probe and uncover your highest priorities, and help you get clear about retirement. This is the most important part of retirement planning. It often is buried in pursuit of a solution.

Most of the people we meet are caught up in the tyranny of chasing solutions. A lot of do-it-yourself plans, and even some semi-professional plans, get caught in this trap. In our experience, this happens because they are caught up in pleasing you instead of getting to know you.

A Fully Customized "Retirement Made Easy" Plan

We focus on developing a “Retirement Made Easy” plan that fits you. Before we begin to do any planning, we get to know you. We don’t jump into simplistic formulas, rules of thumb and solutions. From our perspective, this is premature and incomplete.

The first step in every one of our financial plans is getting to know you. After all, this financial plan must stand the test of time. We are going to be managing your money and adjusting your plan for decades. From our perspective, our work has to stand the rigor of meeting your needs long term.

We cannot do that until we know you, your values and priorities. We will ask a lot of questions, and some of them will feel uncomfortable. We would rather ask the uncomfortable questions now than later.

In our experience, our clients get comfortable fast because they feel a sense of clarity. They may experience a sense of lightness because they feel confident. Confident knowing we have developed a foundation of understanding. We understand them, their concerns and needs, today and in retirement. Many report feeling an incredible sense of clarity and confidence. No longer are they carrying the burden and stress of uncertainty. Together, we have developed a financial plan and asset management strategy. It is key that we develop the plan together.

The power of our approach is we are able to maintain an independent perspective. We are able to help you see the not so obvious pitfalls and opportunities. We walk the fine line between financial planner, advisor and behavioral coach.

Long term we develop a close working relationship. We are more than a trusted financial manager and advisor. We are also a behavioral coach. We walk with you long term, including pre-retirement, to help you decide when and if you can afford to retire. Then, we walk with you every step of the way. Discussing lifestyle changes and adjusting your plan as needed with an eye to your unique needs, priorities and values.

It Is Much Easier Than You Think

Consider investing in making your very own "Retirement Made Easy" financial plan. We guide you step-by-step through the finding your financial sweet spot.

Once complete, you can hopefully relax, knowing we have your back. We become your "financial conscience," on guard to help keep your plan on track and true to the retirement lifestyle you’ve chosen.

Imagine the freedom of your very own "dream team." A team of trained, certified and professional advisors working for you. Each working to execute your unique "Retirement Made Easy" plan.

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