What is Wealth Management?

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The goal of wealth management is to help you gain perspective and a sense of security. Wealth management combines financial planning and asset management to provide financial peace of mind. Russ Alan Prince, Forbes Contributor, says that "Wealth management is the consultative process of meeting the needs and wants of affluent clients by providing the appropriate financial products and services."

Our clients come to us for our asset management and financial planning services. Most importantly, we coach, counsel and offer wisdom based on your situation.


Behavioral Coach

Being a good saver is very different than being a good investor. Similarly, a household budget is very different than a financial plan. The discipline and skills that helped you with one will typically not help you with the other.

You wouldn't attempt to remove your own appendix or pull your own tooth. Few have the experience, or the strength to stay the course should problems arise. Many feel overwhelmed when investing the nest egg they've worked a lifetime to earn.

Making a decision to retire can feel overwhelming. There are so many questions and the answers seem elusive. Do I have enough saved to retire? Can I support my lifestyle in retirement? When to take Social Security? What does life look like for me when I no longer have to work? A wealth management approach can help you discover the answers.

Delegate The Burden, Share The Load

Emotions drive decisions, even though we are not always aware of it. It's our job to listen, to be candid, and to coach you through those ups and downs. The goal of a relationship with your Indianapolis financial advisor is to feel supported and cared for.

Thinking about the future can bring anxiety--especially planning for retirement. You want to relax and yet there are so many unanswered questions. A possible solution is to have a caring and committed team on your side. We provide information, perspective and a plan made for you. According to Investopedia, a wealth manager "coordinates input from financial experts and can include coordinating advice from the client's own attorney, accountants and insurance agent." Because we are independent from those other service providers, we can provide objective advice on your situation.

At Halter Ferguson Financial, we know these are your life savings. Make a decision now to adopt a holistic approach. Work with a team that aims to develop and manage a plan that reflects your wants and needs.

Call or e-mail today to arrange a meeting and learn how you can enjoy the Halter Ferguson Difference.

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