What can a financial planner do for you?

A financial planner helps you understand how to use your finances to live the life you want to live. In other words, they can help you see a clear path toward your goals and bring order to your financial life. What would it feel like to use financial planning to identify what steps you need to take to reach your goals?

A plan allows you to "Dream it Forward" and imagine what your life might be like, for example, in five years. Then, we work with you to pinpoint your values, and prepare for the "what ifs." Case in point, what age you retire or how much you want to travel.

This is not a one-size-fits-all world. We believe the best way to avoid running out of money or being forced to make painful lifestyle cuts is to have a financial plan. Our Custom Financial Blueprint outlines where you are in your financial journey, where you want to be, and the route between the two.

You can have real confidence you won’t have to sacrifice your dignity or run out of money.

Personal Finances Made Simple

With your help, we gather and organize your financial data. Next, we analyze that data and create your personal financial plan. The final product of meeting with your financial planner is your financial plan.

In short, our goal is to make a plan as simple and as easy to understand as possible. One part of this is the use of software to visualize the impact of various financial planning decisions. This will help you make informed financial decisions to support your desired lifestyle.

We don't just provide financial advice. We also help you use it. We provide an extra set of hands and a safe forum to think aloud. Together, we will explore your options and offer feedback on your financial plan. Then when things change down the road, we will help you adapt your plan to keep your end goal within reach.

What's Included in Financial Planning?

In our experience, you need confidence, the wealth to support your lifestyle, and freedom from stress. The way we start you on the path to achieving these things is through a Custom Financial Blueprint®. Our Blueprint is a plan that can help you find confidence and move you from confusion to clarity.



  • • Explore your money "whys"
  • • Voice your concerns
  • • Talk about your values
  • • Discover your goals
  • • Determine your priorities


  • • A deep dive into your finances
  • • Look at the numbers, facts & options
  • • Entertain “what-if’s”
  • • Plan for your dreams
  • • Connect your values, goals, and priorities with your numbers


  • • Understand your Blueprint
  • • See how it works
  • • Explore alternative outcomes
  • • Commit to a path/strategy
  • • Take action!
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  • • Align investments with goals
  • • Learn about investing
  • • Optimize for growth
  • • Fund your goals

Follow-Through & Support

  • • Get help where need it
  • • Consult us as questions arise
  • • Ongoing support

What Can You Expect?

Our five-meeting structure is designed to walk you through a custom financial plan with minimal stress and maximum results. Each meeting lasts between 60 and 90 minutes and covers one phase of the planning journey.