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Financial Planning

Financial peace of mind.

A financial planner helps you understand how to use your finances to live the life you want to live. In other words, they can help you see a clear path toward your goals and bring order to your financial life. What would it feel like to use financial planning to identify what steps you need to take to reach your goals?

A plan allows you to "Dream it Forward" and imagine what your life might be like, for example, in five years. Then, we work with you to pinpoint your values, and prepare for the "what ifs." Case in point, what age you retire or how much you want to travel.

This is not a one-size-fits-all world. We believe the best way to avoid running out of money or being forced to make painful lifestyle cuts is to have a financial plan. Our Custom Financial Blueprint outlines where you are in your financial journey, where you want to be, and the route between the two.

You can have real confidence you won’t have to sacrifice your dignity or run out of money.

Dream it forward.

What's Included in Financial Planning?

In our experience, you need confidence, the wealth to support your lifestyle, and freedom from stress. The way we start you on the path to achieving these things is through a Custom Financial Blueprint®. Our Blueprint is a plan that can help you find confidence and move you from confusion to clarity.

Our five-meeting structure is designed to walk you through a custom financial plan with minimal stress and maximum results. Each meeting lasts between 60 and 90 minutes and covers one phase of the planning journey. As life progresses, we are right there with you, assisting you in adapting to changes and ensuring your end goal remains achievable. This means annual investment management and financial planning reviews and regular communication.

Custom Financial Blueprint® Process

A custom, holistic look at your finances, creating a master plan for you to dream it forward.


The Discovery Meeting will bring great clarity to your money "whys." This guided exercise is designed to bring a level of clarity to your individual goals, priorities, and values.


The Design Meeting is a guided deep dive into your finances. You will explore your finances in detail, looking at the numbers and your options. This meetings is where you plan for what is to come and prepare for life's "what-ifs."


The Implementation Meeting is the culmination of your hard work. During this meeting you will be presented with your Custom Financial Blueprint®. You will see how your Blueprint works, commit to a path, and see how to take action.


The Tailoring Meeting focuses on matching your investments with your goals. You will learn about investing and how to align your money with your goals.

Follow Through & Support

After you receive your Blueprint, you may have questions. As you examine and put your plan in place, we invite you to call any time with questions, or schedule a follow-up appointment. We believe the best way to act on your Blueprint is with clear understanding.

Annual Reviews

Twice a year we will reach out to meet with you. One of these meetings will be focused on your investments, the other will focus on your financial plan. During both meetings, set 6 months apart from each other, we will listen to your concerns, make adjustments to the plan, and keep everything on track for the future. 

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