What can asset manager do for you?

You've been a good saver and worked hard, and now you find yourself with a nice sized nest egg. Your nest egg may fluctuate in value by more than you ever earned in a given year. That can be unsettling, especially when you consider drawing cash flow for retirement. With our asset management service, we can help you save time and reduce stress by taking care of your hard-earned money for you.

At this point in your life, it’s normal to have questions and concerns including:

  • What is the right mix of investments for me?
  • How can I know my nest egg will be safe and secure?
  • How will I know what to invest in and when to make changes?
  • What happens if there is another financial crisis and what can I do about it?

While these are important questions, there's one that does not get much attention. The asset management profession is uneasy talking about the impact of life expectancy in retirement. You need your money to last you the rest of your life.

The Gift and Risk of a Long Life

The greatest risk isn’t the ups and downs of stocks. It’s running out of money in retirement by not growing enough to maintain your purchasing power. For example, if you and a partner retire at 62, it’s likely that at least one of you will live to 92. We must plan for the potential of a long life. One of the best means for growth is by capturing premium returns from stock investing.

Consider this, since 1926 stocks have gained on average 7% annually, after rising costs. Compared to bonds which made only 3% after inflation over the same time. Historically, an all-stock portfolio has doubled your money in half the time as bonds. The premium returns in asset management come from the ups and downs in the stock market.

Since the end of World War II, large company stocks have declined almost 15% on average once a year. Yet, a temporary decline in the price of stocks is not the same thing as a permanent loss of principal. Thus, the ups and downs of the stock market are volatility and not risk. Today the S&P 500 Stock Index stands 18 times higher than when it entered 1946. Even the dividend is up around 60 times.

Historically the declines in the stock market have been temporary. The increases in value and dividends have been permanent. If you are able to be patient through the ups and downs, the premium returns of stock ownership will be there. But it's not easy to do. Asset management can help provide the patience and discipline. You cannot get growth without the ups and downs. We believe that growth can only come by investing in great companies' stocks. The risk of running out of money is far greater than the risk of temporary declines. This redefines true risk for the long-term investor.

The HFF Mission

"We help proactive savers who value fiduciary guidance commit to a strong financial future. We help them clarify their financial priorities and lifetime money goals and strive to help them stop worrying about money and enjoy their lives. We will know we are successful when we help our clients to dream again through deeply personal finances.”

Halter Ferguson Financial can handle your asset management for you. This may save you time, reduce stress, and prevent money mistakes. Let us worry about the right mix of investments or the next financial crisis. We can be an extra set of eyes watching over your life savings.

IM Team_2023
Our Investment Management Team, Bradford Ferguson and Matt Smith monitor the portfolios and make adjustments as needed. We do this by reviewing investment performance, and researching market shifts and changes. Quarterly, we individually reviews all client reports. Reports contain Bradford's commentary, drawing upon over a decade of asset management experience.
FP Team_2023
Our Financial Planning Team, of advisors Tiffany White and Ben Weber, and paraplanners Lisa Angelo and Amanda Lyons, can create a comprehensive financial plan with you. We believe a financial plan is very important to your peace of mind. We make investment decisions based on your financial plan and cash flow needs.

We hope you will feel supported knowing that our team is caring for you. Our first job is to help you find a balance between your plan, asset management, and life expectancy. Then, through wealth management we can provide emotional, logical, and technical support to endure life's changes.

Our asset management service includes meetings, phone calls, and emails. We will regularly check in with you through proactive phone calls. We want to see if there are any changes in your life that we should know and can then adjust your plan accordingly. Keeping you informed is a priority. In our experience, thorough and regular communication can help you feel financial peace of mind.

Call or e-mail today to arrange an asset management meeting and learn how you can enjoy the Halter Ferguson Difference.